Terms & Conditions
WHO – The Nap Nurse (ABN 96 228 727 494) located in Blackmans Bay, Tasmania AUSTRALIA is referred to in the Terms and Conditions as the provider. When using “I, we, our” it refers to The Nap Nurse.
Client “you, they” refers to the consumer or purchaser who has paid to engage The Nap Nurse and services they provide.
Service refers to email, phone, text or home “consults” undertaken between the provider and client.

When you book a consult with The Nap Nurse you agree to:

  • Practice all safe sleep practices recommended by Red Nose Australia, WHO (World Health Organisation) and AAP (American Academy of Paediatrics) to prevent the risk of SIDS
  • Provide and disclose all current and relevant information including medically diagnosed conditions of the child to The Nap Nurse
  • Not share, reproduce or sell any information or custom plan created and provided to you from The Nap Nurse.

The client agrees to and acknowledge they must:

  • Commence support as provided with your chosen package within seven days after receiving and reviewing your custom plan. 
  • Provide accurate and detailed information as requested by The Nap Nurse when completing the questionnaire and sleep goals.
  • Are responsible to follow-up any medical reasons why their child may be experiencing sleeping problems. Although I have a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing, while working as The Nap Nurse I will not diagnose, treat or give any medical advice. If I suggest you seek a medical review by your GP or paediatrician for X reason is not a medical opinion and only my suggestion from the information provided to me in your questionnaire. If sleep training is not signed off from your GP or paediatrician after a medical review we are unable to work together and you will be offered a full refund.
  • Ensure the child is healthy with no current illnesses and is thriving with no weight gain problems that could be the cause of any sleeping problems.
  • Acknowledges and accepts they are responsible for the health and safety of their child at all times.

PRICING – Prices are all inclusive and are to be paid at the time of booking prior to the chosen service being provided.
If the service is deemed inappropriate by the provider (The Nap Nurse) the client will be offered a full refund. Due to the nature of the work involved The Nap Nurse will not offer a refund for any other reasons including change of mind.
The Nap Nurse reserves the right to alter pricing at any time and for any reason.

CANCELLATIONS – If the client wants to cancel a home consult they must contact The Nap Nurse 48 hours in advance for scheduling purposes. The client will be able to reschedule their consult for anytime within the next 12 months. If you fail to notify or cancel 48 hours prior to your scheduled consult you may be ineligible to re-schedule unless you can provide a fair and reasonable explanation. If  your baby becomes unwell before our during the support period you may be able to pause or reschedule your support for up to one week (7 days) after consultation with The Nap Nurse”

SUPPORT – Support is provided per the plan for one or two weeks only. If further support is requested then it is at an additional cost of $80 per week (seven days) inclusive of three email check-ins. This can be added to the end of your medium or large packages or in addition to a small package for returning clientsThe Nap Nurse is not an emergency service and provides full email, phone, and text support within appropriate business hours which are Monday to Friday 0700 – 2100. Text support is also available on weekends.

CUSTOM PLANS – The service provided to you by The Nap Nurse uses current, evidence based and scientific researched sleep training methods. The Nap Nurse is a fully qualified and trained sleep consultant.
Training has been completed through Baby Sleep Training Consultants and The Nap Nurse is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. The Nap Nurse makes no guarantees of a specific result once information is provided due to the flexibility in applying information by the consumer. Results vary depending on several factors including a child’s age, temperament, illness or injury, commitment or consistency from the client, outside influences such as moving, separation or divorce and changing needs of the child.
Any results from the custom plan may not be evident until 10-14 days of consistent implementation from the client and The Nap Nurse does not guarantee any specific outcome.
Any custom plan created by The Nap Nurse for the client is specific to that child only and is not be shared, replicated or sold to any other persons or parties as information will not be appropriate.
Any changes the client makes to their child’s diet or sleeping arrangements are their own decision. The Nap Nurse will make suggestions but it is the clients responsibility if they chose to implement these.
The client is responsible for completing sleep logs with the required information and providing to The Nap Nurse for adequate use of follow-up support included in service packages.

HOME VISITS – For services purchased that include home visits the client is responsible to advise The Nap Nurse who will be in attendance at the time of visit and their relationship to you. If The Nap Nurse feels for any reason her health or safety is at risk, she will terminate the service immediately with no refund provided. Home visits will be arranged at a suitable time and within business hours unless previously arranged. Home visits are conducted within Hobart and surrounding suburbs (15km radius) . For home visits outside the catchment area there will be an additional cost of $0.72 per km. 

PRIVACY – Personal information provided to The Nap Nurse will remain private and confidential. It will not be shared or sold through any social media platforms or marketing companies.
Information provided to you from The Nap Nurse is confidential and applies only to the client. It is not to be shared, replicated or reproduced to any persons or third parties.

SAFETY – For safety and personal liability reasons The Nap Nurse will not work with consumers who choose to bed share (sleeping together in the family bed). If you purchase a consult and you currently bedshare and wish to stop, The Nap Nurse will work with you. If you currently bedshare and do not wish to stop The Nap Nurse will provide a full refund. The Nap Nurse provides all recommendations for safe sleeping through research and consultation with Red Nose Australia, WHO (World Health Organisation) and the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) regarding safe sleep.

AGREEMENT – By purchasing a consult you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.