sleep training

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sleep training?
Sleep training is teaching your baby to fall asleep independently. This means you can put your baby into the cot awake, give them a kiss, leave the room and they are able to happily drift off to sleep all by themselves. We call this self-settling.

How long does sleep training take?
On average it takes between 10-14 days to consolidate. Some methods come together quickly within 3-5 days and some slightly longer 14+ days. This varies depending on the method chosen, babies age and temperament and consistency from parents implementing change.  

When is the best time to start sleep training?
The best time to start is NOW. Whenever things are not working for you and your family anymore.

Do you sleep train newborns?
Newborn babies require hands on settling and need to be fully assisted to sleep. Teaching a baby to self-settle is appropriate from 16 weeks / four months of age. While I don’t sleep train newborns, I can help you with appropriate hands on settling and creating the ideal sleep environment to promote restorative sleep. Ask me how!

Will sleep training harm my baby?
No. Sleep training will NOT harm your baby in any way either physically or mentally. There are no proven studies that definitively demonstrate sleep training will harm your baby. There is however research that shows the benefits of quality sleep for babies and the positive flow on effects with growth and development.

What sleep training methods does The Nap Nurse use?
One size does not fit all so what works for one baby won’t work for another. The Nap Nurse is well educated in all sleep training methods and will suggest the most appropriate method for you and your family after a detailed assessment of your baby and sleep goals.

Will my baby cry?
Honestly, they might! Every baby is different but they all use crying as a form of communication. Be aware that when transitioning from fully assisted to independent sleep there is often some grizzling, whinging and crying involved. If you find someone on the internet that assures you that they can sleep train your baby without crying then they are a magical unicorn.

Do you provide services for twins or siblings of different ages?
Yes. The Nap Nurse provides support for twins, triplets and siblings. Package prices are based on one child only – Ask The Nap Nurse for a package price for your twins, triplets or siblings (please include ages).

What if my baby is unwell?
If your baby suffers from a medically diagnosed condition you will need clearance from your GP or specialist before we commence. If your baby becomes unwell with a illness during our support period then we pause training (up to 4 weeks) until they are healthy and ready to continue.

Will sleep training damage my bond with my baby?
No. The bond between baby and parent or carer is created from spending time together, making eye contact, physical touch and responding to their needs (feeding, nappy change, play). When these actions occur, certain chemicals and hormones are released in the brain and strengthen a bond or attachment.